Division 1 of Sitting Volleyball League Showcased Great Technical Value/ We Are Working toward Holding a National Cup in 2021

Mr. Ashouri said: “We will be doing our utmost best to carry out of plans concerning the sitting volleyball association and organization of the national league.”

Director of national sitting volleyball league, in an interview with IRISFD public relations, referring to reception of a special authorization from IRI Taskforce on Combating Coronavirus, added: “Wehadreceived permission from health authorities in order to proceed with our national sitting volleyball first division in late winter. However, due to escalation of Covid-19 situation, we postponed the final rounds to this year which will be held in Shiraz province.”

“Matches were held in high technical level and we had frequent occurrences of 2-3 results which indicate that games were played in remarkable technical level. Fortunately, games were held under thorough observation of Covid-19 protocols and we didn’t have any problem concerning the health of players, team staff and referees. And despite the implications caused by the pandemics which imposed a lot of restrictions upon sport activities, 21 teams took part in the league.” added Mr. Ashouri.

Commenting on officiating, Ashouri said: “officiating was conducted in satisfactory level and we had invited our top referees to officiate the matches.  Protest to refereeing is a frequent matter nonetheless we are happy with our referees’ performance.”

“We are going to launch our premier and division one sitting volleyball leagues in the second half of the current year and currently are working to codify our regulations which will be later shared with all participating teams through our local sub-associations.”

Regarding the future programs, Ashouri said: “we are hopeful to organize a national cup for identifying talented men and women players later in 2021 provided that the social conditions in terms of health get stable.”

“We have prepared a sport calendar including premier, first division leagues and a national cup for both men and women together with referee and coaching courses. Just like last year, we will have a busy year ahead of us.”

Ashouri concluded that: “I would like to avail myself of this opportunity and deeply thank IRISFD officials and local sport staff for supporting us in organization of the national league. I hope we will be able to carry out all our plans for the sitting volleyball association and nation league with success.”


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