End of National Sitting Volleyball 1st Division League

Iran Para Volley League Wraps up.

Final day of Iranian national para volley 1st division league, commemorating Lieutenant general Ghasemi, was held in Fars Province on Friday 29 May, reports IRISFD public relations.

On Friday, Shahrdari Langeroud beat Heiat Fars 2 to 3 and Ardagh Boeinzahra of Ghazvin defeated Raad from Tehran 3-0.

Therefore, and based upon played matches, Shahrdari Langeroud won the championship and Heiat Fars became the runner-up. Other teams ranked 3rd and 4th respectively.

Final round of these competitions took place starting from Friday and was wrapped up today with two matches. Teams Shahrdari Langeroud and Heiat Fars ascended to the premier league.

Photo: Reza Joshagani


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