Good National Recordings Have Been Registered/Our Best Referees Were Invited to the Competitions

Mr. Rezaei commented that performance of athletes was good in national championships and good records were registered.

Bahman Rezaei, head of IRI para athletics association, in an interview with IRISFD public relations regarding national youth and adolescent para athletics championships, said: “These competitions were organized with participation of 12 provinces in women, and 19 provinces in men sections within two days. Fortunately, we also were able to conduct classification which was a great help for us.”

Rezaei added: “we had previously announced the entry records to the participating teams. Later, we will hold meetings with IRISFD professional sports department to further discuss the athletes’ performance so that we could identify and introduce top athletes to IRISFD.”

Regarding the results achieved, Rezaei elaborated: “We monitored the conditions of our athletes during the event. Their performance was satisfactory and good results were achieved in terms of recordings. Fortunately, some athletes had previously experienced participation in 2017 UAE competitions, who would be our candidates to win gold medals in Para Asian Games in Bahrain.”

“We used our elite national referees and fortunately there was no problem in this respect. All events were officiated with utmost precision and fairness. We are doing our best to be able to have classifier in field from now on to avoid any possible complication for executive staff of the competitions.”

Head of IRI para athletics association concluded: “I would like to extend my gratitude to IRISFD officials and staff for organizing this edition of national youth and adolescent para athletics championships.”


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