Head of IRI National Welfare Organization (Behzisti) Paid Homage Representing Iran in 2020 Tokyo Games

Dr. Ghobadidana made a visit to Tokyo 2020 national para shooting and sitting volleyball training camp.

Mr. Ghobadidana, head of Behzisti in company of IRI NPC president, Khosravivafa and other sport officials paid visit to IRI national para shooting team training camp on July 21st. Following that, they watched the match between IRI sitting volleyball versus Russia, reports IRISFD public relations.

Rezaei and Amiri, head coaches of sitting volleyball and para shooting teams reported on their respective teams’ preparation process.

Ghobadidana said: “It is an honor to be standing with you champions. Our national athletes inspire hope in our youth since they have accomplished such valuable achievements with their own capabilities. Your sole presence at such level deserves a gold medal.”

President of IRI national welfare organization also added: “I admire your achievements and capabilities. I hope to witness the success and triumph of all our national teams and Iranian mission in Tokyo 2020 games.”

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Ghobadidana gifted the athletes with certificates of appreciation and 250 million Rials in Iranian currency.

photo: Reza Joshaghani


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