I could overcome my rivals in Thailand by breaking the world record

“Fortunately, I could overcome my rivals in Thailand and achieve my goals.” said Rostami.

In an interview with IRISFD public relations, Mr. Rostami said: “I was going to participate in competitions in Georgia but since this event was canceled, I had to take part in championships in Thailand. Due to good trainings and help of God I could break a record and bring honor to my country.”

“Breaking the world record is still exciting for me and I thank God I could achieve my objectives in Thailand. I had already lifted the record-breaking weights during my training and fortunately I could repeat my good lift and break the record. I was so excited when I had to wait for referee’s conformation of a good lift and when they eventually did give the confirmation I was really happy.” added Rostami.

Rostami also pointed out that after this event we witnessed the positive reaction and happiness of his family and his compatriots. “I hope I can give this happiness to my people once again with my performance in the Paralympic games.”

“My chief rival comes from China and I managed to beat him in Kazakhstan and I would do the same if he was present in Thailand. Of course my main opponent in Thailand was a lifter from Iraq whom I fortunately surpassed by breaking the world records.”

Rostami also added that his chief aim is to break the world record in Paralympic games once again in his professional sport career and gain a gold medal.

“I think the referees were tough on their judgment in a manner in which every time a referee would hold up a red flag. There was a lot of sensitivity in refereeing process”, observed Mr. Rostami.

80 kg world-record breaking lifter concluded: “I thank all the officials in I.R. Iran NPC and IRISFD and hope to compensate for all their efforts in Tokyo 2020.”


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