I’m fully satisfied for all the efforts that my players put in the training

Hadi Rezaei, the head coach of Iran men’s national sitting volleyball team has given an interview to IRISFD’s Public Relations in which he spoke about training camps and preparation of his team prior to the Tokyo Games.

Rezaei had nothing but praise for his side’s performance and physical aspect after this camp, as training camps before the beginning of the new year and also the Premier League competitions have enhanced the physical fitness of the national team members.

Rezaei who has earned gold at three of the last five Paralympic Games, for his country, as the coach of Iran men’s national sitting volleyball team, added: “A complete physical fitness of team brought us a significant chance to focus on tactic drills during this camp”. Rezaei told IRISFD’s Public Relations. “we’re trying to get the best out of players throughout club activities in the league that could lead to the prosperity of athletes, talent identification and backup program as well”.

 “our opponents had some friendly matches so far,” the coach said. “we intend to set friendly matches in collaboration with I.R. NPC Iran & IRISFD to be well prepared for attending at the Tokyo Paralympic Games”.

He went on: “between camps, we keep ongoing connection with players and provide fitness drills for them to maintain their relative readiness until the beginning of the next camp”.

Asked about the impact of playing at the league in preparation of players, Hadi Rezaei said: “thanks to the sports association for the disabled in provinces and also club teams who had participated in the league last year which led to good preparation of sitting volleyball players”.


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