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  • Siamand Rahman and Zahra Nemati,
    Among the ten Asian athletes who made history in Rio

  • Wining sixth Paralympics Gold,
    Iran sitting volleyball team claims Paralympics championship

  • Rio Paralympic Games:
    Zahra Nemati earns gold at Paralympics archery

International Events

International Events - 2011

   Download : INAS World Games - Italy           File Size 36 KB
   Download : I.R. Iran national athletics team returned home           File Size 40 KB
   Download : International Sitting Volleyball Competitions, Turkey           File Size 40 KB
   Download : Taichung Table Tennis Open, Taiwan           File Size 41 KB
   Download : World Para Archery Championships, Italy           File Size 48 KB
   Download : International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament closed           File Size 33 KB
   Download : 7 –A-Side Football World Championships, the Netherlands           File Size 41 KB
   Download : IWAS Junior World Games 2011- UEA           File Size 36 KB
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