Iranian National Lifter: I’ll complete my sport resume by winning a Paralympic medal

Jafari: “despite difficulties ahead of me to attain my goals, I never got tired and continued my efforts to succeed.”

“After a being away from international competitions, our national para powerlifting team showed a great performance in the World Cup in Thailand and I was also to achieve a gold medal for my country,” said Amir Jafari, in an interview with IRISFD public relations.

He also added: “I have participated in various competitions, from London to Tokyo which have made me more experienced. If I had this experience in the past, I would have gained better results. Nonetheless, I will make use of this treasure of experience to achieve my objective in Tokyo. I will do my utmost best to succeed in Paralympic games to attain better results. I feel that I can add a Paralympic medal to my sport resume.”

I Would Choose Para Powerlifting from the Beginning

Referring to his sport career, Jafari said: “Since the very first day I entered the sports world, I picked para powerlifting, and thought that I should leave great performance and achievements as my sport legacy when I’m leaving this sport. This goal helped my cope with difficulties and never give up and continue my efforts in order to bring glory and honor to my country in international competitions. Fortunately, I have reached a stage in my sport career where I can win medal in international competitions and feel no yearning in this respect.”

Amiri added: “I have reached to all my sport objectives in various competitions and winning a Paralympic medal is the only wish I aim to fulfill in Tokyo so that I could compliment my sport career.”

Concentration is Key to Succeed in Para Powerlifting

Holder of World Cup gold medal referred to concentration as significant factor of success in this sport and said: “I lacked the experience in early steps in this sport and it was difficult for me to control my excitement and emotions. However, gradually by regular training and consultations from my coaches I was able to control my emotions prior to matches and clear lifts with concentrations.”

Reminiscing the Incheon Para Asian Games, Jafari believes that the gold medal he won in that event has been his best sport memory. “I was able to win medals in various international event. But, the gold medal I won in Incheon was sweeter to me because it made my family to support me more than ever.”

Jafari concluded that: “Doing sport and participation in training camps are difficult since you have to be away from your family for long periods of time. Despite this, the moment when you win a medal and bring glory and honor to your country is so valuable that you tend to forget all that difficulty.”


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