IRI National Para Swimmer: Winning a Paralympic gold medal is my biggest sport career dream

Mohsenian: I hope to win a medal for my country in the Paralympic games.

In an interview with IRISFD public relations, Danial Mohsenian, national youth para swimmer said that he had been training swimming for 6 years and wished to win a Paralympic medal in Paris Paralympic games.

He furthered added: “Currently, I’m getting prepared for the Para Asian Games in Bahrain. These games have always been held in high level of quality and competition and elite athletes in youth and adolescent level take part in them. I hope to be able to win valuable medal for my country in the upcoming games.”

” In Khuzestan, I became familiar with para swimming through my coaches and now I’m training hard under the supervision of my coaches to attain best result”, continued Danial Mohsenian.

Commenting on the implications of Covid-19, Mohsenian said: “Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, all public swimming pools were forced to close so I had to resort to fitness drills to maintain my physical condition. Whenever the circumstances are suitable for pools to open, I will resume my technical trainings in water.”

“after my entrance to professional sport, and my being invited to the national squad, I have become the motivation for my brother and my friends to pursue sport with more perseverance.”

Mohsenian continued: “I recommend that those suffering from physical disability never stay away from sport and physical activities on account of their condition. They can pursue sport, aiming to achieve success in professional sport and society in general thereby making it easier to believe in themselves and their potentials.”

Thanking his supporters, Mohsenian concluded: “I would like to extend my deep gratitude to my parents, my coaches and all the officials who have supported me in this path so that I could pursue sports. I hope to make up for all their efforts and support by winning a Paralympic medal.”


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