Minister of Youth and Sports: IRI Sitting Volleyball Our Hope to Achieve a Gold Medal

Dr. Soltanifar commenting on IRI presence in Paralympics games counted Iran national sitting volleyball team as our hope to achieve a gold medal.

While visiting IRI sitting volleyball training camp, sports minister stated: “I’m really pleased to be present in training camp of a team with such shining achievements which is undoubtedly one our best hopes to win a gold medal.”

Referring to IRI sitting volleyball team as our mission’s chief chance to win a gold medal, the minister added: “We had started planning and preparation for the games in our Olympic and Paralympics games headquarter meetings around 3 years ago. And based upon regular reports received from NPC and IRISFD presidents, they indicated that this team can win laurels and achieve glory in Tokyo.”

“There has been best logistics and support in service of both Olympics and Paralympics missions so that our athletes train and prepare in peace and convenience hoping to achieve the best possible results.”

Minster of sports added: “Rest assured that there has been no shortcoming in provision of logistics for our athletes, and our NPC and NOC have made a lot of efforts for best possible representation in the upcoming games.”

Regarding the sitting volleyball team members demand of a raise in awards for team sports, the minister pointed out that; “We have rules and regulations for payment of rewards which we have to follow. However, with respect to champions and retired athletes fund and their pensions, I can promise that the condition will improve.”

Wishing luck for IRI national sitting volleyball, Soltanifar concluded that: “I hope you continue your streak of success and achievements over the past couple of years as we had planned from Islamic Countries Games in Baku, to Indoor competitions in Turkmenistan, and to Para Asian and Para Youth games.”


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