National Para Shooting Athletes Are in Good Condition / We Are Pursuing Fundamental Drills in Camp / Each Shooter Competes His Own Performance

Amiri said a few words regarding the condition and plans of IRI national para shooting team.

National para shooting head coach, Amiri, in an interview with IRISFD public relations said that after return from Al-ain competitions, all training camps went on according to the plan to maintain the athletes in good shape. Shooters were in good conditions, even Rostami who had recently joined team, had shown good records.

Amiri added: “We are in fundamental drills phase. Our shooters are in good psychological and physical condition. So we would not need intense training in this respect. We have begun working on psychological and mental aspects of athletes since last fall and fortunately, they are in good conditions as we expected.”

We will switch to competition phase from the upcoming month

“We will gradually switch our training towards competition circumstances from July up to Tokyo games so that our athletes could participate in the competitions with utmost preparedness to achieve best results. I’m concentrating more on shooters’ performance and execution rather than their record and I’m content with all of them since the best shooters are present in the national training camp, “continued Amiri.

Each Shooter Competes His Own Performance.

Referring to our rivals, Amiri added, “Since shooting is an individual sport, performance of each athlete is his rival that is because that athlete’s performance and record will determine his ranks. We are focused on our schedule and national team’s objectives so that we can show our best performance in Tokyo. As the head coach, I’ll plan in a way so that we can see our shooters in final round and end up with the highest rank possible.”

Amiri also talked about talent identifying camps with the aimed of preparing for Para Asian games, “These camps are organized in order to prepare the national team for para Asian games. Therefore, we have started our trainings for a month now to help athletes reach their best condition. The training camp will be held with participation of pistol shooter. However, we will organize a similar camp for rifle, too.”

At the end Mr. Amiri, offered his gratitude to all IRISFD officials for their support.


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