National Sitting Volleyball Player: “My Goal Is To Win Paralympic Gold Medal”

Ramezani said: “Thinking of championship in Tokyo Paralympics makes me go on tirelessly.”

In an interview with IRISFD public relations, Morteza Ramezani, Iranian sitting volleyball player, talked about how he came across sitting volleyball through one of his friends. “I chose to play sitting volleyball right away. And these days all I’m thinking of is to win a gold medal in Tokyo games with my national team.”

Referring to previous success of para sport athletes and champions’ inspirational effects, Ramezani said: “These champions have proved you can real all your life goals by hard work.”

“Thinking of world championship and winning Paralympic gold medal make me go on tirelessly. I have been doing my utmost best to be effective for my national team in Tokyo 2020. I feel proud when I see my country’s flag being raised in Paralympic venue. I hope all national team members can experience that moment. My presence in the national team has been a source of inspiration for my friends so that they could enter sports and work hard to fulfill their dreams”, added Morteza Ramezani.

Referring to retirement from sport, Ramezani commented: “If I were to retire from professional sport, I would love to continue my activities in sitting volleyball as a coach and share my experience with those young disabled players who are interested in this sport and aim to bring glory to our country in Paralympic games.”

At the end Ramezani concluded: “I would like to extend my deep gratitude to IRI NPC and IRISFD for all their support. I hope by winning a gold medal in Tokyo we can compensate their kindness and efforts.”


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