Solhipour Iran’s third gold-winner / Razi and Pourmirzaei to represent Iran in 3rd day

One the third of this event, member of Iranian national para powerlifting team, Seyedhamed Solhipour in 97 Kg. started his competition.

Iranian 97 kg weightlifter Seyedhamed Solhipour, having triumphantly lifted 227, won I.R. Iran’s third gold medal, today on Saturday May 8, reports IRIS public relations.

Solhipour cleaned 224 kg in his first attempt and successfully lifted 227 in his second. However, in his third attempted he failed to lift 236 kg.

Other lifters from Iraq and Malaysia ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively.

As the competition continues today, two other Iranian lifters namely Saman Razi and Mansour Pourmirzaei will step on lifting platform in 170 and +107 kg.

A total of the 60 para powerlifters from 9 countries have participated in 2021 World Para Powerlifting World Cup in youth and adults category hosted by Thailand.


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