THE MASCOT/ What does MOMO mean?

MOMO is the abbreviation of Motivation and Mobility that means people need to keep moving forward and also to be able to adapt to a changing world and time easily.

But do not forget that the mascot itself is a bird called ‘Elang Bondol’ or Bald Eagle. But why ‘Elang Bondol’?

Firstly, the bird is known as the mascot of Jakarta, the city where Asian Para Games 2018 will be held, and the bird is famously known as a strong and brave bird, hence it is a perfect combination between the name of the mascot and the bird.

Subsequently, since Asian Para Games will be held in Jakarta, Momo also wears a belt that is part of Betawi’s culture. The one who wears the belt is considered a champion or a cultural hero.


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