The national swimming team won 3 silver medals

According to the public relations of Iran sports federation for the disabled, on the third day of the Para-Asian Youth Games, our national swimming team competed with their opponents.

Ali Motalebi in the 400m freestyle class S9 in the junior age category with a time of 5: 09.36 minutes and a score of 492 stood in second place and won a silver medal. In the same competitions, Abolfazl Pourzarif was in the fourth place with a time of 5: 22.21 minutes and a score of 368.

Danial Mohsenian, another representative of our country, became the runner-up in the 400m freestyle S9 class of the youth age category with a time of 5: 10.61 minutes and 479 points.

Abolfazl Zarif won a silver medal in the 200m individual medley in the SM9 class with a record of 2:48:34 and 426 points and took the fifth place.

Ali Yasavoli, the representative of our country, was in the fifth place in the 200 meters freestyle for teenagers in the S5 class with a time of 6: 27.72 minutes.

Danial Mohsenian stood in fifth place in the 200m freestyle youth, S9 class with a time of 2: 55.34 and 304 points.


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