We Are Expecting Best Results in Tokyo Paralympic Games, said Mr. Ravasi/ Our National Lifters Showed Great Performance in Thailand

Our national team is in a better condition compared to Rio and if we keep on this progress, we will achieve best results, says Ravasi.

“Our national athletes showed outstanding performance in Thailand. Rostami broke a world record and Saman Razi attempted a world record and failed at the last minute. Totally our team had a good performance. If we continue this progress, we will have an ideal condition in Tokyo”.

Ravasi also added: “We will pursue our strength-based drills in the training camp and as we near the Games we will switch to completion situations in order to enhance lifters’ records and achieve best results in Tokyo.”

“You cannot predict anything in sport. Nonetheless, our team is in better condition in compared to previous Paralympic games.  Level of the competitions also plays an important role in the outcome and we will do our best to win colorful medals and highest position” emphasized Iranian head coach.

Ravasi believes that judging from the lifters’ performance, we can expect record-breaking and Rostami has proven it and he was successful in Thailand fortunately. “There is plan for attempting breaking records in Paralympics and we are hopeful to fulfill this plan”, he said.

“Refereeing has always been tough and it always poses a challenge to our lifters. However, we are training hard so that our lifters will avoid any faults in their lifts.”

Mr. Ravasi also emphasized that: “attendance in competitions in Thailand and our national championships paved the way for our lifters to be in competition condition prior to Tokyo games so that they could lift with more calmness in the Paralympic games. The competitions in Thailand also provided a great opportunity for us to observe our rivals after a while way from competitions. Of course we have good grasp of our rivals’ conditions.”

“Although the late Siamand Rahman will not be present in the games, but in heavyweight Pourmirzaei is able to win the gold medal. He is one of our best lifters who has always been able to achieve medals for us and we are sure he will win the gold medal of Tokyo Paralympic game” concluded Iranian head coach.


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