We eye backup plans and talent-identification for this year

The 2021 World Para Powerlifting World Cup in Thailand is an opportunity to evaluate the performance of the national team’s athletes.

In an interview with IRISFD’s Public Relations, the head of IRISFD’s Para Powerlifting Association, Hossein Rezazadeh, highlighted the plans lined up for the association, its goals and preparation of athletes in the period of COVID-19.

The head of IRISFD’s Para Powerlifting Association expressed that, before the World Cup, we have organized some training camps, while absolute measures have been observed  to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and this a good opportunity for coaches to evaluate the level of players.

He went on: “Para Powerlifting is a record -based sport and lots of hard work under supervision of coaches could heighten the player’s level. So far, the planned programs have been implemented by the technical staff, and I hope that this process will continue until the success in the upcoming competitions”.

Pointing out to the coming world cup, Rezazadeh said: “Our major program geared towards the 2021 World Para Powerlifting World Cup in Thailand, where performance of our athletes and opponents would be assessed by technical staff after a year away from international arenas”.

“Along with planning for the success of the national team in the Tokyo Paralympics, our aim has always been to investigate more fresh talents to backup the National Team which is filled by World Championships and Asian Para Games medalist’s athletes and we wish them success in Tokyo. To this effect, we have communicated with the Provinces Sport Association for the Disabled to invite new talents to training camps, if any”. The two-time Olympic & four-time World Weightlifting champion added.

Referring to Iran National Para Powerlifting Championships which was held last year, he said: “that was a huge chance for junior athletes to take up Para Powerlifting plus motivation to compete along with famous ones and also a good time for technical staff to check out athlete’s performance”.

Rezazadeh thanks words went for the efforts made by national disability sports organizations: We would like to send our appreciation to IRISFD and I. R. Iran NPC in line with preparing all required situation to hold training camps.


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