We have promising paraswimmer/ Second Round of Training Camp Was Held Aiming at Choosing the Final Lineup

National paraswimming head coach, Izadi said that presence of promising swimmers in youth levels signals the sustained success of national team in Para Asian Games.

In an interview with IRISFD public relations, Izadi, IRI paraswimming head coach, said: Second round of training camp proceeded with participants from the first round together with swimmer who were absent in the former camp.”

Commenting on the objective of this training camp, Izadi added:” our goal was to reach a conclusion regarding the final team members so that we could be able to introduce the final lineup to the NPC whereby we could plan regular training sessions until Tokyo 2020.”

Izadi continued:” Some of our swimmers could not take part in national competitions or they would fail to win medals in presence of well-experienced swimmers. Therefore, these camps offered us an opportunity for us to identify promising swimmers in youth and adolescent levels.

There swimmers present in these camps who showed great talent and high potentials for success in Para Asian Games in Bahrain and this matter signals hope and promise for sustainability of success in future international events.”

IRI paraswimming head coach added:” There are a lot of medals to be won in paraswimming. Shahin Izadyar’s 6 gold medals in 2018 Jakarta were the testimony of the fact that paraswimming team can one of our most promising teams in terms of winning medals. Nonetheless, winning gold medals requires regular and focused planning.”

Izadi concluded that:” we are working hard so that we could be able to continue our training camps with our final swimmers. We are hopeful to gain success in different classes judging by our promising swimmers.

Paying attention to our youth level swimmers is of great importance and if we can pursue our objectives with focus, we will have a great backup for adult swimming team and subsequently witness colorful paraswimming medals in international events.”


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