Yasavoli: I came across swimming accidentally/ Presence in national team is a great honor

National paraswimming team member:  I came across para swimming accidentally but I’m happy I have become a national team member on account of my perseverance.

In an interview with IRISFD public relations, Ali Yasavoli, IRI national paraswimmer, said: ” I came across paraswimming by an accident through a change in my time schedule and I have been active in this sport ever since.”

Yasavoli took part in paraswimming competitions 4 years ago and after 4 years, he has been invited to national paraswimming training camp and is really content with this event..

” I’m the only child of the family and my family members have supported me in this path. Fortunately, having been invited to national training camp, now I am able to make up for all the efforts and support my family and coaches have granted me..”

Yasavoli continued: “my ultimate goal is making headway in sport so that I could be an honorable representative for my country in international competitions and achieve Paralympic medals.

Yasavoli concluded that “I firmly believe that no wish is unachievable and you can always make your dream come true by presererance and hard work..


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