15 players, featuring the twelfth stage of Sitting Volleyball camp

Iran men’s national sitting volleyball team will be settling into Kish Island from 19th to 30th April 2021.

According to IRISFD’ Public Relations, in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, Iranian sitting volleyball athletes will be in a training camp with safety protocols and health regulations putting in place.

The 15 – man roster is as follows:

Players: Sadegh Bigdeli, Davoud Alipourian, Mahdi Babadi, Morteza Mehrzadselakjani, Majid Lashkarisanami, Ramezan Salehihajikalaei, Amirhossein Kafshdarmotevalli, Meisam Ali Pour, Mohammadreza Sobhaninia, Mehrzad Mehravan, Hossein Golestani, Seyed Mohammad Hossei  Seyed Hosseini, Mohammad Nemati, Jamal Nazari, Morteza Ramezani Gerakoei

Coaches:  Hadi Rezaei and Farid Saebi

Hadi Sajedina as fitness coach and Ali Kashfia as team manager will accompany the team, during the training camp.


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