Asbaghian makes visit to training of National Para-Shooting Team

Mohammad Shervin Asbaghian, the president of Iran Sports Federation for the Disabled (IRISFD), visited the National Para-Shooting Team training on monday 26 April, in which he was also accompanied by IRISFD’s officials.

Based on the report of IRISFD’s Public Relations, Asbaghian paid this visit which was also attended by Mr. Hamidi, IRISFD Secretary-General, Mrs. Nasiri, IRISFD Women’s Deputy and Mr. Golshani, IRISFD Sport Director.

The 13th round of I.R. Iran national para shooting training camp, has been organized for 14 – 27 April and is now being run at the Iran Sports Federation for the Disabled’s camp.

Photos by: Reza Joshaghani


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