I.R. Iran Sports Federation for the Disabled – Deputy for Provincial Affairs (DPA)

The Deputy for Provincial Affairs (DPA) is responsible for the execution and follow- up of all sport programs in 31 provinces of our country. Close cooperation with all sport associations is a prerequisite to fulfill the duties devolved upon the DPA.

I.R. Iran Sports Federation for the Disabled (IRISFD) is represented by the provincial associations throughout the country.  The Deputy for Provincial Affairs provides the IRISFD officials with activity reports received from each provincial sport association.

Provincial Associations of Sports for the Disabled

The 31 Provincial َAssociations of Sports for the Disabled are actively involved in sports for the disabled issues all over the country.

DPA analyzes the Provincial Associations’ reports of the administrative affairs and responds to their requests according to the laws and regulations of the Federation.

Duties of Provincial Associations:

Provincial association’s responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To develop sports for the disabled in their province
  2. To pull in new athletes and to organize training camps for the teams
  3. To provide the teams with the equipment they need
  4. To provide them with the venues they require
  5. To prepare the budget
  6. To arrange for the teams’ participation in national championships

The Organizational Structure:

The Board of Directors in each province consists of:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President for Females
  3. Secretary General
  4. Treasurer
  5. The three other members are recommended by the president and their membership is approved by the GA

The associations are responsible for establishing the same organizational structures in their relevant provinces.

Electing the President for the Associations:

The presidents of the provincial associations are elected for a period of four years. The elected presidents are obliged to coordinate all their activities with IRISFD and also the Physical Education Organization in the relevant province.

 Budget allocation:

The Provincial Associations’ budgets are basically provided by the Provincial Physical Education Organizations. They are also supported by Martyrs Foundations, Welfare organizations in the province.

General Assembly:

The Provincial Associations are obligated to hold their general assembly every year and to provide the assembly members with their activity and also financial reports.